SNR Rewards

SNR Rewards

A reward for operating a synchronized public node.

The Signum Network operates the Signum Network Rewards (SNR) program to encourage the operation of synchronized public nodes and keeping nodes up-to-date with the latest software.  It is funded by the community and paid daily.


To earn SNR rewards, open the file located in the installation folder under “conf” (use note pad if a program is requested).  Locate the following items, set the values, and then save and close the file.  You will receive rewards in Signum anytime your node qualifies.

  • Install or update to the latest version of Signum Node.
  • Set P2P.myPlatform = your Signum account in RS format:  (example: S-NMEA-GRHZ-BRFE-5SG6P)   (rewards will be paid to this account)
  • Set P2P.shareMyAddress = yes
  • Set P2P.Port = 8123
  • Allow your node to run continuously

The settings above are located in a text file inside of the conf folder.  Close Signum Node, open brs.default, locate and change the values as necessary, and then save the file.

The reward is paid each time a node has a qualifying uptime percentage, uses the latest version of the software, and is online at the time of the daily distribution.


Note:  Qualifying nodes must have a latency of less than 1000ms.

Please note:  Reward amounts and qualifying standards such as wallet version and uptime percentage are subject to change and are set by the development team.

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