Signum Faucets

Signum Faucets

Faucets no longer play an important role in Signum as a small amount of signum is provided with each new account to cover nominal fees such as the reward assignment transaction. If a wallet does not offer this, open the account in a wallet that supports this functionality. If you need a small amount for a legitimate purpose getting started, request the amount in the Signum Discord channel. Such requests are usual and welcomed.

An alternative is to operate a full node and collect SNR-Awards. SNR awards are paid daily when your node meets qualifying up-time standards and is online at the time of the daily award distribution.

Notwithstanding the above, traditional faucets are available from time to time. When we are aware of a faucet that is verifiably operational, it will be listed here.


Faucets Identified as Operational as of 6/7/2021

SNR Awards

Operate a synchronized public node and collect SNR awards.

Or . . .

Open your account in BTDEX or Phoenix. A small amount of signum is provided automatically.

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