BTDEX is an all-in-one software package that provides plotting, mining, and essential wallet functions combined with Signum’s decentralized exchange.


Getting Started

  • Download the software using the download link above:
  • Move the downloaded file to the desired location on your computer, such as the C: drive, desktop, or another folder.
  • Run the executable file.


All-in-one plotting, mining, and essential wallet functions combined with a decentralized exchange.

Reserve a new account (or import an existing account)

You will be presented with a dialog box that shows an automatically generated passphrase.  To reserve a new account, make a record of this passphrase, choose and confirm a PIN, accept the license agreement, and click on “OK”.

To import an existing account, check the box for “I want to use a recovery phrase from an existing account”.  Follow all of the recommendations in the getting started guide for managing your passphrase.  It is the only item that gives access to your account, even if your computer or PIN is lost.

For a convenient form to record your passphrase, click here:  Passphrase-Record

Initial Balance

New accounts created through BTDEX automatically receive .0147 Signa (within 1 to 8 minutes).  This will cover the minimum transaction fee for joining a pool later in the process.

Plot your initial mining capacity

  • On the MINING tab, select one folder per disk to hold your plot files.  You can create this folder separately and select it or use the included tool to create the new folder from within the software.
  • For each disk, use the slider to select the amount of disk space to reserve for mining.
  • Select the number of CPU cores to be used.
  • Run with low priority if the computer will be used for other tasks during the plotting process.
  • Click the “Start Plotting” button to begin the plotting process.

It is not necessary to plot the entire available capacity.  You can start with a small amount such as few GiBs while learning the process and then plot more later.  You can also stop and resume the process as needed using the “Stop Plotting” button.

Plotting involves heavy computations by design and can take many hours to complete (depending on your hardware specs).  For a large capacity, it is best to let it run overnight or at another time when the computer can run the process uninterrupted.

If you have an external SMR disk, which can be very slow when writing plot files, you can use an SSD drive as a cache disk to speed up the process.  Just click the “Select an SSD cache…” button and select a folder for a faster disk.  There is no actual need for this to be an SSD, but the faster the cache disk can write data, the better. SSDs are perfect for this task.

Join a Mining Pool

  • Select a mining pool and click “Join Pool”.

The transaction to join a mining pool (the reward recipient transaction) requires a transaction fee to be processed.  If your account was reserved using BTDEX, it should have an initial balance of 0.0147 Signa, part of which will be used for the transaction fee.  The transaction for joining a mining pool is effective after 4 block confirmations (approximately 16 minutes).  After 4 confirmations, mining can begin.  The “Start Mining” button will not be active until 4 confirmations have passed.  You can check the status of the transaction on the transaction tab.

Begin Mining

  • After the “Join a Pool” transaction has 4 or more confirmations, Click on “Start Mining”.  The mining process will start and continue until the “Stop Mining” button is selected.


  • On the mining tab, click on the “add commitment” button.
  • Enter the amount of Signa to commit, select the transaction fee, enter your PIN, and click “OK”.
  • Your pool’s website may show the committed amount immediately.  However, newly committed amounts only become effective after 60 block confirmations.


At the bottom of BTDEX is a “Plotting/Mining logs” panel.  When you are successfully mining, messages will appear here.  To check your performance and pending balance, click on the pool website button.  Although your mining account will appear initially, it can take up to 24 hours of continuous mining for your effective capacity to be reflected on the website.  This is because mining capacity is calculated statistically.

If you close the BTDEX application window, it will continue to run in the background. Check your system tray (usually on the bottom right corner of your desktop) for more options and to close BTDEX.

The BTDEX mining tab has a built-in calculator that estimates mining earnings based on the current network state:  This calculator also shows expected mining rewards based on the amount of Signa committed to the mining process.  Staking can boost effective mining capacity by up to a factor of 8 depending on the amount by which a mining account’s level of stake exceeds the average stake of all mining participants.

BTDEX/TRT Discord server:

All configurations you make are stored in a file located in the same folder as the program executable.

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